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You may find photos and information about:
Services I provide in Bali

Beside, finding a nice place to rent, or the right location to come back to. I also, help local artists to sell their creations; create unique events; organize expeditions; and, offer Very Special Persons (VSP) who are visiting Bali, my personal care to help them discover the true Bali, and access the real Bali lifestyle.
my service with Banda policemy service in Banda
Some of my Bali Activities

In Bali my activities are numerous, so I may list only few:
Surfing, Praying, Gardening, Eating, Wine tasting, Diving, Playing, Dancing, Sailing, Climbing, Horse riding, Kayaking, Meditating, Jazz, Chess, Go, Billiard, Bicycling, Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Sleeping, ...
And show examples:
my activities on BBCmy activities in bali
Myself in Bali

To show different aspects of my personal life in Bali, you may access sections showing photos about myself, as:
my self in balimy self in bali
Photos of our Bali fun Lifestyle

We have come from all horizons to find ourselves in Bali.
I believe there is a reason...
The place itself has its attraction.
But, it is the mix of people that is amazing.
What a great gift to be here together in this present.
Celebrating life…
my bali lifestylemy bali lifestyle

Photos of Bali places I like

Wanting to share the beauty and well kept treasures of Bali, here are some photos I took, while constantly discovering the ever ending indulgement, created by Bali sceneries.

and Discover…

Of course, it is much much better on location…

my bali lifestylemy bali lifestyle
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